Encountering the Theology of Mourn

The Congregation has a lot of involvement with the religious philosophies of Acclaim and Force. It is surely philosophical sound to applaud the Ruler and give Him all the magnificence. The book of scriptures is brimming with acclaims made by people of ancient times to our brilliant God. David the incomparable Psalmist turned into a man apparently seeking to win over God’s affections halfway because of his profound craving to applaud the Ruler. Other legends of confidence were additionally incredible admirers of God.Jonathan VanAntwerpen

Concerning the Theology of Force – it is generally helpful to see God in the entirety of His force and magnificence. The scriptural records of our amazing God as the deliverer and champion fill the pages of the blessed book. From the Old Demonstration of the New Confirmation, God has shown His unquestionable force in addressing the necessities of His kin and advancing His realm. Our God is without a doubt a wonderful God.

Notwithstanding, one part of the philosophical encounters that the Jonathan VanAntwerpen has passed up a major opportunity is the Theology of Mourn. The Congregation has become like most publicizing organizations that just advance the positive piece of the item yet rare the negative.

For the Congregation to fill in a comprehensive way, we should permit moaning and bemoaning to be a piece of our otherworldly encounters. Paul the Missionary knew the Theology of Regret firsthand and he clarified it well in Romans 8:23.

“That, however we likewise who have the primary products of the Soul, even we ourselves moan inside ourselves, anxiously hanging tight for the appropriation, the recovery of our body.”

In past entries, Paul had elucidated about the worthlessness of this present wicked age. On account of the flaw of this age, we won’t get all that we expect or need. Despite the fact that we are reclaimed individuals, our reality stays unredeemed. We will fall debilitated; we will commit errors and we will sin.

Subsequently, in spite of our profound craving, as recovered people, to become awesome and perfect like our Ruler and Hero, we keep on encountering sins, moral shortcomings and disappointments. We, being the ‘main products of the Essence of God’ have additionally been given a preview of paradise yet not paradise itself. At the point when our spirits shout out for the flawlessness of paradise, our substantial experience is that of the defective world.

The Brought back to life experience has given us the preview of paradise yet the truth of this fallen world keeps on plaguing us. There lies our battles and the outcome is regrets and moans. We are trapped in the ‘presence of things to come’ to such an extent that our spirits mourn for the day that we would be completely received as children and our bodies changed into everlasting elements.