Best and Innovative Telugu Movies: KanullamDocheyeanta

Best and Innovative Telugu Movies: KanullamDocheyeanta

KanullamDocheyeanta is a show film composed and coordinated by DesinghPeriyasamy. It’s the best film which has all the business components mixed with an ideal storyline. It is an awesome story of two robberies starting to look all naive at each other. They become hopelessly enamored, you need to know how they end up? When you are a thief and go gaga for another robber…will it succeed? watch this film to know more. It’s an absolute necessity to watch on the off chance that you go insane on romantic tales with insane turns as a streaming movies.


Siddarth and KaliswaranMoorthy are two nearest colleagues grown up as transients in Chennai city. Both of them are experts who work for money and contribute it to benefit as much as possible from their energy in parties with youngsters. By then Siddharth surrenders to Meera, a beautician. As he draws out with her, his buddy Kaliswaran surrenders to her buddy Shreya who was compelled out of her home due to some near and dear issues. They all were totally beguiled by each other and expected to continue with a lively life. By then Siddharth prepares a course of action to get settled Goa by starting a bistro. As average youngsters, they uncover it’s a dream for them to have such a day by day presence and all profits to stay on that game plan anyway money is the principal issue. There the establishment starts to reveal that Siddarth and his buddy are not masters as told yet rather infringers. They do online stunts with their splendid personalities and get money. Siddarth envisions doing a stunt again to get enough money to settle with their loved ones in goa. As orchestrated, they go there and the next day, while they are conscious, Meera and her friend with all the money they bought will continue to police to them that both the youngsters are scoundrels. This fair blows their mind and with all the inclination and being cheated, they go on a trip to find them. The story will simply end up being more awesome than what is typical.

Artist Performance:

  • Dulquer salmaan is a fantastic performer of course! He has hearts this time as well.
  • The most raised and wonderful part in this film is Ritu Varma, the switch she delivered utilizing the principal half to second was bewildering.
  • Rakshan is the certified legend who runs the story with his comic time and acting.
  • NiranjaniAhathian is a best-supporting character to the hero. Tranquil and awesome character.

Technical Aspects:

  • Superb storyline!
  • Sensational screenplay!
  • Crazy music!
  • Stunning change!
  • Exquisite sight regions!

Cast and Crew:

Actor: Dulquer Salmaan

Actress: Ritu Varma

Other actors: Rakshan, NiranjaniAhathian

Director: DesinghPeriyasamy

Art Director: R K Umasankar

Based: KFC Entertainment

Producer: Anto Joseph, Viacom 18 Studios

Music: Masala Coffee

Cinematography: K. M. Bhaskaran

Editing: Praveen Anthony

Story By: DesinghPeriyasamy

Other information:

Runtime: 162 minutes

Release date: 28 February 2020

Genre: Romantic, Heist, Comedy

Box Office: 50 crores

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